Technology Program for Ages 8+

Integrate Digital Skills learning into any subject at school, from
Languages and Math to Humanities and Geography


This Technology Education program enhances student learning by integrating digital skill learning into traditional subjects. Through relevant guided projects, students get opportunities to apply and solidify their learning from a subject, as well as reinforce the concepts in real world technology scenarios.


Our TechConnected curriculum has a library of comprehensive, guided projects that are relevant to concepts taught in multiple subjects.

Teachers are able to choose guided projects or packages they would like to integrate into the subjects. Guided projects usually last 45-120 minutes long.


 More than 100 subject-relevant, guided projects
Rubric Assessment
Online Learning Platform access for your school and students

Ready-to-use Teaching Materials

 Preparation Guides for Each Project
Classroom Activities

Guided Project Examples

Coin Flip Project
Subject: Mathematics
Concept: Probability
Objective: To solidify understanding of probability by coding a coin flip simulator

Online Blog Project
Subject: English
Concept: Writing Comprehension
Objective: To use and apply their writing skills by creating their own coded blog posts

Interactive Timeline Project
Subject: History
Concept: Keeping track of Historical Events
Objective: To reinforce their learning of a historical period with a coded timeline

Periodic Table Mixer Project
Subject: Chemistry
Concept: The Periodic Table and Reactions
Objective: To solidify and reinforce student understanding of elements and compounds

Interactive Solar System
Subject: Science
Concept: The Solar System and real-time planet rotation comparisons
Objective: To solidify student understanding of our Solar System and planet orbit speeds

The Journey from Subject Topic to An Integrated Project

Student Work Examples


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