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The perfect place to begin. Sign up for free and get 30 student accounts and 4 hours of coding projects.

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Over 600 hours of content, professional development, ongoing support, and progression planning.

Certified courses for After-School Programming

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Explore START’s engaging and flexible teaching and learning experience — 100% free.

What you get with START:

  • 4-hour coding & technology course covering HTML, CSS & JavaScript in web design, game development, and AI applications
  • Teacher tools for easy lesson and classroom management
  • Free accounts for 30 students
  • And so much more

We empower educators to start, build, and improve coding, digital skills, and technology education programs for K12 students.

What’s included in your BUILD subscription:

  • We offer a three-hour professional development session that covers platform orientation but also teaches entry-level coding. We also provide a coach for instructors that they can reach throughout the year.
  • Gain access to hour-by-hour lesson plans, offline worksheets, presentation slides, assessments, and rubrics. We eliminate the need to cobble together disparate resources from all over the internet or spend a ton of time creating lesson plans and worksheets. It’s all ready to go.
  • Finally, BSD Online is a backstop. It isn’t just scaffolded for the students, it’s scaffolded for teachers as well. Answer keys, interactive glossaries, and in-app chat for instructional, not just technical, support.

We know how vital it is to prepare students for the ever-evolving world of technology.
That’s why we’re thrilled to share our online course marketplace, BSD Academy, designed to equip young learners with technology courses that sets them up for success in their future careers.

Why choose our technology courses?:

  • Future-Proof Skills
  • Expert Instructors
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Safe and Engaging Learning Environment
  • Career Readiness

Are you a teacher looking to stay ahead of the curve and prepare your students for the ever-changing job market?

BSD LEARN is designed to help you do just that from free webinars to professional development courses.

Beyond Blocks: First Steps in Coding with HTML and CSS

Learn how to start simple web pages with HTML and CSS using templates and guided projects.

Introduction to AI: Tools for Teaching about Data Bias

Create your own AI image recognition tools that can predict and identify data of your choice.

Supercharge Your Teaching with AI Chatbots

 Join our 3-hour, self-paced journey into generative AI designed especially for educators.

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